How do I cancel my AT&T services? ETA 45 mins, 4 steps

How do I cancel my AT&T services?

I do not like my services with AT&T and would like to remove them so I can switch to another provider

You will need: Name on the account, Billing address
(Note: If you are looking to cancel your service, know that AT&T has a Early Termination Fee (ETF) that is almost unavoidable. In order to avoid the fee, you should target the end of a billing cycle as you will still be paying for the remaining time until the end of the contract or pay period. This cannot be done online as this can only be done on the phone.) Step 1: AT&T doesn't let you cancel your service on their website. Unfortunately you'll need to call them.
Step 2: Be sure you have the correct information available to give to the representative to help make the process easier. This may mean having: Your account number Your telephone number Your social security number
Step 3: Try calling them on the phone. Below is a link to our best Phone Number -
Step 4: You should be all set and shouldn't have anything left to do! Nice!
We've helped 4,696 people cancel service with AT&T in the last 90 days. Let us help you!
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