How do I remove a line from AT&T? ETA 45 mins, 4 steps

How do I remove a line from AT&T?

How do I remove or add a line from AT&T?

You will need: Account number, Phone number
Here are a few steps to help you remove a line from AT&T: Step 1: To remove a line from AT&T you'll need to do so by talking to a rep on the phone. Luckily you can do so with our best Phone Number -
Step 2: To remove the line you must select 3 then 5 in the phone menu after you have dialed the number
Step 3: Be sure you have the correct information available to give to the representative to help make the process easier. This may mean having: Your account number Your telephone number Your social security number
Step 4: Did that work? Were you able to find the answer to your question? If "Yes" then you are all set and there's nothing left to do! If "No" then here are the best ways to get in touch with AT&T - and they should be able to help you finish resolving your problem.
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