How do I become an authorized user on a Comcast account ?

I am trying to become an authorized user on my wife's Comcast account but I do not know how to do it?
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Info needed: Email address on the account, Password
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You must be an authorized user on the Comcast account in order to make any changes on the account. Follow the steps below to authorize yourself. Step 1: Log-in to the user account Required information to authorize yourself on the account: Username Log-in password
Click "Users & Preferences"
Click on the plus symbol and click "Add user"
Enter in the information provided below for new authorized user: User's first name & last name Create a new username for the authorized user Create a new password for the authorized user Select the secret question as well as the answer to the question Agree to the terms and conditions
Click "Save" and you will automatically save the user's information and add them as an authorized user.
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