How can I recover my Facebook login if I forgot the password and no longer have access to the email I used to sign up? ETA 46 mins, 10 steps

How can I recover my Facebook login if I forgot the password and no longer have access to the email I used to sign up?

I no longer have an email and I can't remember the password right now. Is there a way to regain access to my Facebook account?
ETA:46 minutes·10 steps
Info needed: Phone number, Name on the account, Email address on the account, Email address, Date of birth
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Nowadays with hacked accounts becoming more common, or with people closing old email accounts that were used as account logins, a lot of people lose track of what email they have that is associated with what other products or companies. Many people use one email to sign up for a service like Facebook, then close the account only to find later that they can no longer recover their account info. This is a pretty common issue so don't worry there's a way to report this problem to Facebook. Before we get started you will need to track down a government ID that has the same name as on your Facebook account. Once you have that information, lets get started.


When you are ready, open this page


Click "I have an account but I can't access it"


Below that enter an email address that Facebook can use to email you. Not the one that you created your account with, but one where they will be able to reach you.


Re-enter your email address to confirm it.


Below that enter your name and country of residence.


Next up you will see a box with a drop down menu marked "Birth Year", click the drop down menu and select your year of birth.


Now is the time that we need to take a scan or picture of your government ID. Feel free to cover up any information you do not want shown, but make sure that your name and birth year can be clearly read so that someone from the Facebook support can look up the information related to your Facebook profile.


Once you have a copy of your ID, go ahead and click "Choose files" and select the file with your scan from your computer.


Below that click the box that says "I agree" then click "send". Once you do that, Facebook will review your account and should get back to you in 24-72 hours.

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I've done all these steps and haven't received an email to reset my password have done this many times and been locked out for about 6mth!!!! I have had this acct for over 10yrs HELP!!!!!!-
i don't remember my security question and they only asking one and that's what was ur first pet name ask something else like let us identify people on our friend list are something-
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How can I contact someone that can recover my account I was posting a status and then with i n an hour i was kicked out my Facebook and when I tried to log back in it said my account had be deactivated there was no account associated with my phone number or email I was trying to log in with-