Why does my Facebook say duplicate phone numbers?

When I try to log into my Facebook account it gives an error about duplicate phone numbers. I can't get past that page.

You will need: Email, Password
This can happen for many reasons, but chances are with so many people using Facebook, someone mistakenly inout their phone number and so the number they accidentally listed, is actually your phone number. We can help you fix this. When you are ready to get started, open this page.
In the first section enter your Phone Carrier, Phone number and the country where you have service.
Select the option for "That phone was recently used to verify another account"
In the box for additional information, make sure to explain that you got a message that your phone number is being used on another account, and that you should be the only one with access to this account and phone number.
We've helped 6,264 people update their Facebook account information in the last 90 days. Let us help you!
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Author:GetHuman-capnton2 years ago
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