How Do I Let Google Know There's Something Wrong with a Page?

In a nutshell: This article explains how to communicate issues with web pages to Google. To begin, it is important to identify the specific problem on the page. Next, perform a Google search using relevant keywords to observe the page's appearance and identify potential issues. Access the 'Quick Settings' option on the Google search page and click 'Send Feedback' to open a feedback form. Provide a detailed description of the issue and optionally use the highlighting feature and attach screenshots. Once completed, click 'Send' to submit the feedback to Google for review. Google's review process aims to improve the search experience based on user feedback.

Dec 4, 2023


Google's search engine connects users with the content they seek. However, sometimes web pages encounter issues that hinder their performance or accessibility. It's essential to communicate these problems to Google. In this article, you'll learn steps to let Google know when something is wrong with a page.

Identify the Issue

Before reaching out to Google, it's imperative to pinpoint the problem on the web page. Is it an issue with content, functionality or something else? Make a thorough assessment to provide precise information to Google.

Perform a Google Search

To initiate the process, search on Google using relevant keywords related to the web page. This will help you observe the page's appearance in search results and identify potential issues.

How Do I Let Google Know There's Something Wrong with a Page? (Step 2)

Access Quick Settings

Navigate to the top right corner of the Google search page. There, you'll find the 'Quick Settings' option. Click on it to access a menu that includes the 'Send feedback' option.

How Do I Let Google Know There's Something Wrong with a Page? (Step 3)

Click Send Feedback

Within the 'Quick Settings' menu, click 'Help', then 'Report an Issue' and 'Send Feedback to Google.' This action will open a feedback form that allows you to describe the issue you've identified on the web page.

How Do I Let Google Know There's Something Wrong with a Page? (Step 4)

Describe the Issue

In the feedback form, provide a detailed description of the problem. Be clear, concise and specific to ensure Google understands the nature of the issue.

Highlight the Problematic Area (Optional)

For a more focused approach, you can use the highlighting feature to pinpoint the exact area on the page experiencing issues. This step aids Google in identifying and addressing the problem.

Attach Screenshots (Optional)

To further enhance your feedback, consider attaching relevant screenshots. Visual aids can significantly assist Google in comprehending the issue, especially if it involves visual elements on the web page.

How Do I Let Google Know There's Something Wrong with a Page? (Step 7)

Click Send

Once you complete the feedback form, review the information and attach any necessary files, click the 'Send' button. This action submits your feedback to Google for review.

How Do I Let Google Know There's Something Wrong with a Page? (Step 8)

Google Review Process

After you send your feedback, Google initiates a comprehensive review process. It examines the feedback to understand the issue you reported and assess its impact on the user experience.

Use Feedback to Improve Search Experience

Google values user feedback as it enhances the overall search experience for everyone. The information you provide helps Google identify patterns, trends and common issues to ensure improvements to its search algorithms.

No Immediate Response

It's crucial to note that while Google acknowledges and reviews your feedback, it might not always provide an immediate response. The absence of a response does not imply negligence. Rather, it indicates that it is considering your feedback within its ongoing efforts to refine the search experience.

Continuous Monitoring

After submitting your feedback, monitor the web page for changes or improvements. Google's continuous efforts to enhance its search algorithms may lead to positive adjustments.


Effectively communicating issues to Google is a collaborative effort that benefits website owners and users. You can empower Google to address and rectify problems on the web page. The feedback you provide serves as a valuable contribution to the ongoing evolution of Google's search capabilities.

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