Playstation: Why will my new PS plus voucher not load?

If bought a 3 month membership voucher and after I put the code in it says error and to go to PlayStation support forum

It seems many people have this same problem with redeeming a voucher code on Playstation.
Go to Settings then "PlayStation Network".
Click "Account Information" then click "Wallet" and "Add Funds".
After you click "X" then select "Redeem Code" then carefully submit the enter code and select "Continue".
The credit or content is now applied to your account. Just so you know, if you have a voucher code be sure to scratch it off lightly with a coin and DO NOT PEEL OFF. If you peel it off, you may not be able to redeem it so you will need to call Playstation here .

Your sub accounts do not have wallets therefore a voucher code for wallet top up will need to be credited to the master account rather than the sub account - Your voucher code must also be the same SEN number as the country you have purchased both in.
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