How do I get a new T-Mobile phone? ETA 47 mins, 10 steps

How do I get a new T-Mobile phone?

I have a maxwest nitro71 phabelt phone

You will need: Username, Password
Step 1: Log on to your “My T-Mobile" account
Step 2: Click "Phone" in the top menu
Step 3: Click the "Upgrade" button under the my phone icon (Note: If you cannot see the icon then you are not able to upgrade yet)
Step 4: Find the phone that you would like and click on it, then select the plan of your choice
Step 5: Then click "Add to Cart"
Step 6: Choose the protection plan that best fits your preferences
Step 7: Click "Select" once you have picked you plan and amount of minutes
Step 8: Proceed to add any accessories that you need or want
Step 9: Continue on to review your cart and click "Checkout"
Step 10: Were you able to find the answer to your question? If not, here are the best ways to get in touch with a rep at T-Mobile: Best Phone Number - All Contact Information -
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Author:GetHuman-amirind2 years ago