How do I dispute an Uber charge? ETA 57 mins, 8 steps

How do I dispute an Uber charge?

I canceled one ride by accident but I shouldn't have been charged, can you help me get a refund on this charge?
ETA:52 minutes·8 steps
Info needed: Email address on the account, Pin/Password on the account
Follow the steps below to solve this issue. Don't have the patience? Have a GetHuman pro do it for you.

Did you notice on your credit card statement that you have a charge from Uber that shouldn't be there or doesn't look right? Not to worry, we can help. Before we start make sure to take a couple of minutes to gather as much information about the charge as possible. Make sure to get the date, the amount of the charge, and start to formulate your reason why the charge is incorrect so that we can eaisly let Uber know.


Once you have you information let's get started by clicking on this link.


In the first box where it says "Do you have an issue with a trip?" click Yes


In the next box where it says "Are you experiencing an account issue?" click Yes

Then click "What Is Your Question About?" and click "My recent trip,".

In the box below that which says "Are you having an issue with payment?" click Yes.


Once you do that you will see a box below it to "Share details". Here is where we get to use all of that information we gathered in step 1 to let Uber know about this charge and why you need a refund. The key here is to be as specific as possible. We are trying to make this as easy as possible so that someone from Uber can understand the issue and look it up, and hopefully get you your money back to you in a timely manner. Go ahead and fill that box in with your information.


Before you get to the last box that asks you for your email address, take a minute to look over your submission so that everything is correct and that it reads easily. Once everything looks ok, enter your email address in the final box and click "Submit".

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