Verizon Wireless: How do I get a Verizon upgrade? ETA 37 mins, 10 steps

Verizon Wireless: How do I get a Verizon upgrade?

How do I get a Verizon upgrade?
ETA:37 minutes·10 steps
Info needed: Email address on the account, Password
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Click: to find out if you are elgible to upgrade your Verizon Phone Step 1: Log on to your Verizon account
Step 2: Scroll down to "My Devices", and click on the large red button next to the picture of your phone that says "Upgrade this Device"
Step 3: Once you click the device you will be able to select the correct number you wish to upgrade (Note that if you have an upgrade available it will state "Upgrade available" if not it will say "Upgrade at full price")
Step 4: After you select the number you want to upgrade click "Next"
Step 5: You can select a few types of pricing methods *note prices vary* there is a monthly option, two year plan option and/or full price option. Select the pricing method you would like by clicking on the icon
Step 6: Select your phone and payment method by clicking on the phone and clicking on the payment type. Then click "Next"
Step 7: Once you are on the next on the screen, click "Next"
Step 8: On the bottom right button click "Add To Cart"
Step 9: Review your order and then click "Next"
Step 10: Once you have reviewed your order click "Submit" to purchase the upgrade on your device
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